Office of Admission & Student Success
Fall 2023 Upcoming Deadline
November 1 (Early Action)

First-Year Student Scholarships

Trustee Scholarships: Full-tuition
Presidential Scholarships: Half-tuition
Deans Scholarships: Quarter-tuition

Transfer Student Scholarships

Deans Scholarships: Quarter-tuition
“Since I had only visited USC’s campus during my school holidays, I had never experienced campus life as it is on a daily basis. The Explore Program was not only a way for me to express my passion for USC via the interview but also see where my passions would fit on campus by talking with students and sitting in on classes. If I had any advice, I would say take a deep breath, be true to yourself in the interview, and have an amazing time getting to know not only current students but also the other Explore students, who could end up sitting next to you in classes that fall.”
— Trustee Scholarship recipient

Financial Aid Deadlines for Fall 2022

February 11, 2022 Deadline for First-year Students March 2, 2022 Deadline for Transfer Students
“The Explore Program isn’t just about the interview. Even though it is important, it’s much more important to enjoy your experience on campus and see if USC is a right fit for you! I know it can be nerve-racking, but just be yourself - the interviewers are just trying to get to know you.”
— presidential Scholarship recipient