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Once you begin to pursue your degree, how do you put it into practice? Many students in Dornsife will participate in internships during their time at USC. Internships let you apply lessons from the classroom to real-world work. Students who engage in internships are able to try out different career paths and gain valuable experience and connections that will benefit them when later applying for full-time jobs. There’s no “correct” number of internships to have, but on average, Dornsife students complete two internships during their undergraduate careers, with some students completing even more! You’ll be given every opportunity at USC Dornsife to find the path that’s right for you.
“The summer following my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to be a part of an internship program in Brussels, Belgium thanks to USC Dornsife. The ability to live in a foreign country while studying, researching, and working was the most immersive experience I could imagine. Instead of learning in a classroom about Brexit, I was able to see it unfold in front of my eyes – by attending conferences on the issue, seeing firsthand its implications on the European economy and political climate, and working with some of the largest institutions in the world (like the UN and NATO) to discover the future course of action. “

Dornsife career pathways

Dornsife Career Pathways works to align students’ academic interests with individual career and professional pathways through exploration and engagement in curricular and co-curricular opportunities. They work in collaboration with academic advisors, career counselors, faculty, and alumni to provide a network of resources to address students’ professional aspirations. They strive to provide an abundance of career services available to all Dornsife students, to be used at their disposal from their first day at USC to after they graduate. One hallmark of USC Career Pathways is the Gateway Internship Program. This program prepares students for life after college by providing opportunities to explore a career through a paid summer internship experience. Gateway couples on-the-job experiences with mentorship by a distinguished professional and participation in a seminar series designed to strengthen career preparation and skills. The Gateway Internship Program offers mentorship and partnership with working professionals and can serve as a pipeline for permanent positions.